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New Missional Journey – Seol Course

A team has been working away at this new resource for the last few years. It has been a journey of honing key missional topics, real life experiences, Biblical foundations, and more. The course is made by and for the Irish church in order to explore being followers of Jesus in Ireland today. The word 'SEOL' is the Irish word for sent - the course invites you to discover, reflect, and respond to what it means to be sent by God, as disciples and as the church, to the world around us - reflecting on our specific context and culture. ... [Continue Reading]

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Forge 2022/2023

We had a great year with Forge Ireland! The Pioneering Course saw 8 participants, from different parts of Ireland, complete the 5 session course. We kick off the course in the autumn with the first residential in Ballyards Castle. Those who take part in the Forge Ireland Pioneering course from varied backgrounds and contexts. This past year, there was a woman working with young adults in Dublin, a team engaging with the surf & skateboarding culture on the north coast, a woman serving in Belfast estate communities, and more! We wrestled with missional questions around what church is ... [Continue Reading]

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Nationwide Survey Launch – Young Adults & Faith

We're curious & want to hear For the past few years, Praxis has been thinking, wondering, and in conversation with younger generations about their involvement with church, mission, faith, and more. And now we want to hear from a wider grouping so we've gathered various people & organisations together to do this! Along with Vox Magazine, Tearfund Ireland, 24/7 Prayer Ireland, Scripture Union Ireland, Innovista Ireland, and others, we have crafted this survey to gain insights, stories, and more. Click here for the Survey

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SAVE THE DATE – 2023 Praxis Conference

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a bigger gathering / conference this coming autumn. Put October 6-7th in your diaries for chance to gather with others across the island to reimagine mission together, in one place! We hosted the first Praxis Gathering way back in 2018 and then had one online during lockdown so we are looking froward to meeting in person with all those who have come alongside Praxis initiatives over the years... including you! Email us if you have any questions at Event's Page is Here

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Join the Wild Goose Sessions!

Join this new creative online opportunity called Wild Goose Sessions. Roy Angle and Pam Rooney are facilitating four evening sessions where you can explore that we were made to create. Each session will have a theme with opportunities to unlock, enhance and express our creative potential. It is open for anyone regardless of where you are in your creative journey. Celtic Christians had a name for the Holy Spirit – an Geadh-Glas, or The Wild Goose. The name hints at mystery. Much like a wild goose, the Spirit of God cannot be tracked or tamed. An element of danger, an ... [Continue Reading]

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New Learning Communities

Praxis started with a learning community - a group of people gathering to learn together - quite simple really. Since 2020, nearly 100 people have taken part in an online or in person learning community. Would you like to learn with others, be challenged and encouraged, focus on mission more intentionally...then have a think about joining one today! There's several options: Dublin City Centre Learning Community meeting monthly in person Northern Ireland Church Leaders Exploring ‘Faithful Presence’ starting online March 16th Northwest Learning Community meeting in person, starting March 1 General Learning Community meeting online, ongoing registration Exploring Big Missional ... [Continue Reading]

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NEW Mission Disco Episode – Hope from the Margins

Simon and Ross discuss the latest book release by Praxis Press, Hope from the Margins with author Laurence Graham. Is there any hope for the future of the church in the Western world as it loses its former position of influence? The Church is not where it used to be, we’re marginalised... but that does not need to be bad news!    

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Join the Forge Course this Year

2022 will mark the 4th cohort of Forge Pioneering Course in Ireland! We are delighted to have applications rolling in and hope this coming year will be full of innovation, excitement, mission and more. If you are thinking about church differently or if you're starting a new missional idea or simply want to be around others who are thinking this way, apply to Forge. The course has 5 sessions with reflections and tasks assigned each time. There is personal study which includes reading, doing reflections, meeting with a mentor, and joining a huddle group. The course costs £500 / €575, ... [Continue Reading]

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Welcoming the Stranger – June 20 Refugee Day

On June 14th, we hosted a conversation around the area of refugees and those who are new to Ireland and the church can be a welcoming, befriending, and missional voice. Abigail Sines from Christ Church Cathedral shared some of her experiences and stories with us. We had a great discussion about the complexity of the situation, the broken system, the racism, the resources, the opportunities and more. Below are some of the links which were mentioned: Refugee Week Dublin events Art Exhibit at Christ Church, Free entry, Mon-Wed 6-8pm, Monday June 20th at 12pm Famine Memorial on Custom Quay prayer time ... [Continue Reading]

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Book #3 is out! Hope from the Margins by Laurence Graham

Hope From The Margins: Church History Informing Mission Today WRITTEN BY LAURENCE GRAHAM “Is there any hope for the future of the church in the Western world as it loses its former position of influence? The Church is not where it used to be. We’re marginalised.” That’s how many Christians feel in Ireland today and throughout the Western world. But that does not need to be bad news! During its first three centuries the Church was small, under pressure and marginalised yet it grew. Based on extensive academic research, Laurence Graham examines the ways in which the early church went ... [Continue Reading]

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