Praxis Team

Collaboration is a really important part of what Praxis is about – the Praxis Team gives direction and oversight to Praxis whilst the staff team is the team that provides the ongoing execution of projects. Both teams are made up of people giving their time to Praxis. There are many others who are part of a wider team who make stuff happen and lead various different parts – like social media and learning communities. Here are some of the faces you may see connected to Praxis.

simon kilpatrick

Simon Kilpatrick

Praxis Team Leader

Simon is a native of Dublin, has worked in Urban Junction/Ignite since 2001. Simon serves as a chaplain in a local school, and in the Home Mission Department of the Methodist Church. Simon has a heart for creative expressions of church and mission and enjoys working collaboratively on lots of projects to see Gods kingdom grow.

anne baenziger

Anne Baenziger

Operations and Connector

Anne has been living in Dublin since 2013 working with various missional groups – currently Breathe (MCI) & in the past Innovista & the YMCA. She is passionate about building community, connecting people, and helping to create change. She’s a cyclist, enjoys cinema, and loves anything that makes Dublin better!

claire douglas

Claire Douglas

Praxis Admin and Comms

Claire is from Co. Monaghan. She is married to Craig and mum to Izzy. She has a background in design and mission work. She joined the Praxis team in 2021. When not at her computer, Claire loves a good long walk, copious amounts of tea and a good Netflix series.

dave gardner

David Gardner

Praxis Team

Dave finds himself involved with lots of different ministries but his main role is working with North Dublin Methodist Churches. He was part of the team that started Street Pastors in Dublin. Dave has been involved in mission for years here in Ireland and around the world.

lucy hill

Lucy Hill

Praxis Team

Lucy, originally hails from Belfast but now lives in Dublin with her husband Ross. She is full-time mum to her 3 girls and co-leads a church community as part of the 24/7 prayer movement. She is passionate about seeing young leaders equipped and especially seeing young women released to lead in the church in Ireland. Lucy also serves on the board of Tearfund Ireland and is currently completing a post grad in Theology.

Ross Hill

Praxis Team

Ross is married to Lucy, they have 3 daughters and live in Terenure in Dublin. They co-lead a 24/7 Prayer community in Terenure. As a church community, they are passionate about creating spaces centred on prayer, mission and justice.  They are in the process of setting up a bakery enterprise as a means of providing meaningful work to young adults with intellectual disabilities and to help the local community flourish.

Fraser Hosford

Praxis Team
PraxisPress Co-Founder

Fraser was born and bred a ‘southsider’ but crossed the river over a decade ago. He now works as a pastor in a community church based in the northwest of Dublin. He is married to Ruth and has four children.

sam moore

Sam Moore

Praxis Team

Sam trains, coaches and equips leaders for mission with Innovista. He is an activist, loves a good rant and is an aspiring allotment gardener. Over the last year he has been involved in campaigns for green space and a liveable city in Dublin 8 where he lives with his young family and is involved in leadership in St Catherines church.

brian sanders

Brian Sanders

Former Praxis Team
Praxis Press Co-Founder

Brian is the founder of the Underground Network. A serial entrepreneur, Brian has helped to start hundreds of missional enterprises, including churches, nonprofits, and businesses all over the world. Brian has lived in intentional community in the inner-city for more than twenty years, embodying the ideas that drive him and is now living and working in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and two youngest kids.

Alisa Rehn

Former Staff Team

Alisa is from the States and has been working in ministry administration for the past 6 years. She has been a part of the Praxis team since 2019 helping with a range of projects. She probably reads more fantasy novels than is strictly healthy and regularly considers biscuits an appropriate meal.

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