Praxis started with a group of people gathering monthly to share, pray and learn together. They still form part of the backbone of what Praxis is about. Currently we are recruiting for new groups to form as well as restarting pre-summer groups, all to meet monthly over Zoom. The theme or focus for this term is how to navigate change, reimagine mission and adapt during this time.


8/10 participants max
with 2 facilitators per group

1 hour to
1 hour 15 mins max

1 session
every month

Exploring Having a Faithful and Non Anxious Presence

These Learning Communities will be exploring how to have a faithful and a non anxious presence in the midst of change. There will be input, space for us to share stories, wrestle with some tough questions and have the opportunity to help each other find solutions to the obstacles we face as well as encouragement to navigate new ways.

Each Session will look at what church is and how we adapt to this time to make sure we still are church.

There are still no experts in this, but all of us, no matter what our background, are all facing the same issues, asking ‘What is the Father doing at this time and how can we join in?’

It would be great to do that creative thinking together, to share our stories, to build relationships and to wrestle with ways forward together, paying attention to what God is doing in each of our specific contexts as we share where we are at.


Registration is now open for Autumn/Winter.
Available monthly times:

Tuesdays 11am
Tuesdays 2pm
Wednesdays 2pm
Thursdays 11am