Praxis started with a group of people gathering monthly to share, pray, and learn together. They still form part of the backbone of what Praxis is about. During times of restrictions, these Learning Communities have been meeting over Zoom with a mix of group participants from all over Ireland. This term will still take place over Zoom with the hopes for some meeting in person soon.


8/10 participants max
with 2 facilitators per group

1 hour to
1 hour 15 mins max

1 session
every month


Learning Together

This term’s theme and focus is still to come but it’s always about mission!

There will be input, space for us to share stories, wrestle with tough questions and have the opportunity to help each other find solutions to the obstacles we face as well as encouragement to navigate new ways.

There are no experts in this, but all of us, no matter what our background, are all facing the same issues.

It would be great to do that creative thinking together, to share our experiences, to build relationships and to think of ways forward together, paying attention to what God is doing in each of our specific contexts as we share.

Our Learning Community is a good mix of people from different church backgrounds which stimulates thought provoking conversation on important subjects relevant to church and mission.

Dublin Participant

Being in a Learning Community has helped form fresh language for the times we are in and pushed me to lead more collaboratively. It was great listening to other perspectives and having a specific focus.

Belfast Participant

The Learning Community experience has helped my confidence to dream and plan relying on God’s inspiration to try new things and approaches.

North West Participant


Email Anne to register for 2022 Learning Communities.

Monthly meeting times:

Tuesdays 2pm
Wednesdays 2pm
Thursdays 11am


Gladys Nutley
Gladys Nutley
Ross Hill
Ross Hill
Ann Marie Kerr
Ann Marie Kerr
Simon Kilpatrick
Simon Kilpatrick
Marlene Skuce
Marlene Skuce
Roy Angle
Roy Angle

Train to Lead a Learning Community

Here at Praxis, we have seen the benefit these learning community spaces provide for so many people, we want to see more of it! We have put together training for those who would like to gain skills in facilitating and help create more spaces for people to learn.

If you would like to learn more or take part in these trainings, email Simon here.

Past online training sessions: November 2021, January 2022