Praxis started with a group of people gathering monthly to share, pray and learn together. They still form part of the backbone of what Praxis is about. Currently there is a Learning Community that meets monthly during the year exploring various themes. The theme for 2019 – 2020 has been around Missional Leadership. 

Exploring the connection between the biblical description of leadership (serving) and the work of sharing, encouraging and stirring up the gifts and calling of others. The biblical mandate to serve is not just a matter of humility but also greater strategic impact. 

Increasingly leadership is tied to problem solving, creativity and system aesthetics. It is not enough to have a strong leader in place, or even a large or long running programme. Instead we have to learn to design solutions, structures and communities that are attractive in themselves and that embody our values. This requires thinking like and using the processes of a designer.

It has been said that leaders don’t manage and managers don’t lead. This is no longer true. Instead, the pressing need for us today is to find a way to elegantly and bravely manage good systems. The power is no longer solely in the front, expressed in visionary leadership. Instead it is worked out by people who can work behind the scenes, empowering and guiding others toward their own goals.

Perhaps the most crucial skill for todays church leader is coaching. To be able to come alongside someone who has a clear goal or mission and not control or command, but coach and encourage. Coaching is essential to the use of spiritual authority in our time, but it is also something that can be learned and improved on.

We have overestimated the rational nature of leadership and underestimated the role of emotion in our work as Christian leaders. Not only do we have to learn to understand and navigate the emotions of others (empathy) we also have to understand and navigate our own (orthopathy). Increasingly, people want to be led by someone who is appropriately vulnerable and who leads with their whole heart.

Learning to work across organisational lines and across organisational purposes can be both challenging and frustrating. Still, the optics of collaboration has never been more important. Organisations and churches that are unable to join hands on projects silo themselves, their people and their thinking. Instead, people are looking for collaborations to join. We have to learn to develop to the skill of collaborating in a way that is mutually enriching and that ultimately builds the kingdom of God. 

Considering the basics of entrepreneurial ministry. How to cultivate and support it in our people and how to implement it in our own work.


8/10 participants max
with 2 facilitators per cohort

1 hour to
1 hour 15 mins max

3 sessions
every two weeks

Exploring the shape of mission & church after Covid

These Learning Communities will be exploring what shape mission and the church might be coming out of this pandemic.  We will be wrestling through what it means to lead now – how we lead well, how we manage and empower others and a focus on how mission can shape the church going forward. There will be input, space for us to share stories, wrestle with some tough questions and have the opportunity to help each other find solutions to the obstacles we face as well as encouragement to navigate new ways.

Each Session will look at:

  • Leading ourselves
  • Leading others
  • Reshaping the Church

There are still no experts in this, but all of us, no matter what our background, are all facing the same issues, asking ‘What is the Father doing at this time and how can we join in?’

It would be great to do that creative thinking together, to share our stories, to build relationships and to wrestle with ways forward together, paying attention to what God is doing in each of our specific contexts as we share where we are at.


Currently our three week run of online communities is full but if you are interested in hearing when there is space please fill in your details and we will be back in touch with you shortly.