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New Missional Journey – Seol Course

17 November 2023

A team has been working away at this new resource for the last few years. It has been a journey of honing key missional topics, real life experiences, Biblical foundations, and more. The course is made by and for the Irish church in order to explore being followers of Jesus in Ireland today. The word ‘SEOL‘ is the Irish word for sent – the course invites you to discover, reflect, and respond to what it means to be sent by God, as disciples and as the church, to the world around us – reflecting on our specific context and culture. It is a six part journey:

  1. God of Mission – Responding to God’s Love
  2. Being & Doing – Following the Example of Jesus
  3. Community on Mission 
  4. Good News? – Context and Culture
  5. Table – a Posture for Mission 
  6. All Things New – Justice and Shalom

The big picture

  • The God of Mission – His Love and Justice 
  • The People of Mission – What does it mean to be a disciple and to be the church?
  • The Arena of Mission –  What’s our context and culture, what is Good News to those around us and what shape could mission take?

There are online info sessions on December 5 – 12.30-1pm and 8-8.30pmbook your spot here to learn more about the course and if it’s something you and your church community would like to explore.

The team will explain the course, share the mindset behind it, show video clips of session content, field questions, and pitch next steps.

Email Anne at with any questions or concerns. Anyone across Ireland who are interested in the course are welcome to join. It is a journey for church communities and Christians who desire to be more missional – in everyday life!

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