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Mission Disco – NEW EPISODE – Missional Enterprise

Mission Disco is BACK! 🥳 Tune in to hear the conversation - Simon and Ross give an update, discuss recent events and the concept of mission enterprise! They replay clips from the Hugh Halter webinar and the network gathering where Ralph Gatti shared his experience of business, missional enterprise and more. Explore ideas of work, faith, life, prayer, calling, business, and more!

Mission Disco – NEW EPISODE – Missional Enterprise2022-05-09T16:21:00+01:00

Coaching Course begins soon

Have you experienced the benefits of coaching and want to bless others by developing your skills? Does it bring you joy to witness leaders learn and grow through deep conversation? The Coaching Course will help you develop your skills, and experience how others grow by thinking out loud instead of just being told the answers. Learn how to be fully present, ask great questions and give space in which others flourish as they discover new insights. Imagine what discipleship, leadership, pastoral care, teaching and mission would look like if people were encouraged and empowered to be all that God is ... [Continue Reading]

Coaching Course begins soon2022-01-14T16:30:32+00:00

Perspectives on Hope – Advent Video Series 🕯

What does hope look like at a time like this? What do you see? We asked five people to share a perspective on hope. Sean, Ann Marie, Lucy, Chloe and Mark look through the eyes of people within the Christmas story and ask the question – what does hope look like? We hope through these five simple videos we can be reminded of how the coming of Jesus to earth can create in us a deep sense of HOPE giving us a new perspective on HOPE and the world.

Perspectives on Hope – Advent Video Series 🕯2021-12-14T09:40:50+00:00

The Nature of Work – November Podcast Episode

Has the way that we work changed forever? Will it ever get back to what it was? And can we expect the nature of work to continuously evolve going forward? Brian Sanders joins Ross & Simon as they discuss the importance of flexibility, culture and how we can creatively think about our work & church structures.

The Nature of Work – November Podcast Episode2021-12-02T10:26:06+00:00

Soft Reset – October Podcast Episode

We are now slowly restarting and thinking about getting back to normal. This is an opportunity for us to examine how we do things: Why does the church do what it does? Do we want to get back to where we were? Why did we do what we did before, and are there things that we could change? Ross and Simon are joined by Sean Mullan from Third Space to discuss the concept of a soft reset for the church. Read the blog he wrote about the topic here.

Soft Reset – October Podcast Episode2021-12-02T10:34:19+00:00

Rebuild – Mission Disco Podcast Discussion

In this podcast Simon & Ross are joined by Ann Marie Kerr of Liffey Valley Vineyard. They discuss the third of three webinars about helping us process what’s been happening during this last year. In this webinar, Brian Sanders specifically focuses on the steps we might take to rebuild following the pandemic.

Rebuild – Mission Disco Podcast Discussion2021-09-07T09:53:06+01:00

Mission Disco – July Episode

Given the lasting impact of the pandemic how can we lead others in processing this experience & enable recovery? In this podcast Simon & Ross together with Laura Bell (CFC Belfast South) discuss the Recover Webinar (with Mark Sayers) from Praxis' recent series. Mark is a leader in the Australian church and brought incredible insight on church culture and the Australian experience. For more information and the Webinar recording check out:

Mission Disco – July Episode2021-08-09T12:23:55+01:00

Mission Disco – June Episode

Simon and Ross speak with Amy Carey (Solas Project) and Johan Van Der Flier (Christ In Youth) about youth work, young people and the challenges they have been facing during the pandemic.

Mission Disco – June Episode2021-08-09T12:15:11+01:00

Mission Disco – April Edition – Pandemic Impact

Simon and Ross speak with Vivienne Morrow-Murtagh about the impact the pandemic has had. Vivienne is a trauma psychotherapist and counselor who works with vulnerable groups. Listen in as Vivienne shares some great insights into what has been happening, how to navigate the coming months, and focusing on the 3 feet in front of you.    

Mission Disco – April Edition – Pandemic Impact2021-05-17T15:50:42+01:00

Missional Conversations

We recently kicked off a new idea, short informal conversations with people across Ireland re-imagining mission! Two of the Praxis Team will be co-hosting the 30 minute Tuesday morning chats with a different person each time. We would love to encourage ordinary people that they are and can be missional where they are... as a mom, a teacher, a nurse, etc. So put on teh kettle and join us as we hear stories from God's Kingdom coming. We hope to do them fortnightly so keep an eye out for them on Facebook live. Watch them here.

Missional Conversations2021-03-18T18:32:10+00:00
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