REFLECT (April 2021)

Jill Weber from 24/7 Prayer led us in first of three webinars reflecting on the past year as leaders. We are all longing for restrictions to be over and to begin the journey towards a new normal but before we begin to consider what recovery looks like we wanted to take some time to pause, reflect and consider what we’ve learnt. Jill facilitated us in thinking about how we begin to process the impact of this past year.

RECOVER (June 2021)

What might it look like to lead through recovery? As restrictions eased & society began to open up again, we looked at how we can help those we are leading through that transition phase? Recovery will look different for us all – as individuals and as communities – with some ready to move on & others dealing with the trauma of that past year. Given the lasting impact of the pandemic how can we lead others in processing this experience & enable recovery?

REBUILD (June 2021)

This was the third in a series of three webinars to help us process what’s been happening during 2019/2020, specifically thinking about how we rebuild. Brian shares with us about rebuilding, not just restarting and how design thinking can help us think through challenges.