As part of our call to collaborate and connect with one another, Praxis wants to help engage and support niche networks of missional initiatives and missional people who share a similar calling or field. We would love to see networks forming to better resource, support, and encourage mission across Ireland.


Get in touch with us about a network you are already a part of and would like to share with others.

Share with us an idea you have for a network you would like to see started.

Join a network in your area. What are the networks in your area of interest or geographical area which you could join?


Missional Enterprise

Are you interested in exploring business, social enterprise, business as mission, and more with others in this sphere?

Next meet up TBC.

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Rural Context

Do you want to build relationships to share thoughts and ideas, be of encouragement to others across different churches & share problems or concerns to find solutions? Then join this network!

Our next meeting is in Athlone on April 27th, 11am-2pm. We usually do one in person then the next one on Zoom.

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Pioneering / Starting Something New

Are you starting something new? Or have you been pioneering something recently? We’d love to gather to hear stories, support each other, & more. Network will be starting soon.

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Leading Together

Are you interested in helping Christian women feel more connected, empowered and equipped in Ireland? Are you an advocate for equality in leadership? Get in touch here to hear more about this network.

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Serving Dublin’s Marginalised

Are you serving the marginalised, disenfranchised, & those on the fringes of Dublin? Get in touch here to hear more about this network.

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Engaging Older Generations

Are you interested in serving & engaging with older generations in your church & community? Are you currently practicing creative ways to do this? This network has paused regular gatherings but get in touch for resources, contacts, & more.

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Whether it’s with a full fledged idea for a network or if you’re curious about existing ones, please do get in touch.