We have a startup idea to help missional people and ministry leaders have access to collaborative office spaces around Dublin. We have the partners, now we need the users.

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Why a coworking community?

The work of mission, especially in the beginning is often lonely and resource poor. Brave people like you feel called by God to launch out into some new community in Jesus name and for the hope of his kingdom. Even as competency and fruit grow, we are still often small but beautiful operations with very little resources. Working from home is often our only option. As we have discovered from the Covid 19 era, working from home is always an option, 

and has some advantages, but plenty of disadvantages. Dual realities have emerged. On the one hand, we know we can work from home (we no longer need to “go” to work each day) but on the other hand, we feel the need to (at least occasionally) have a place to work which is not our home. This new sensibility integrating the freedom to work from home and the desire to work outside our home, highlights the model of co-working.

Discover flexible work spaces around the city & make connections with other missional leaders.


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  • Access to all partner sites
  • Personalized access
  • 3 open work stations

  • A reservable meeting room

  • At least one open/common work area
  • Printer & Wifi

  • Tea and Coffee Bar

Join the Community

In order to make Co-Mission a reality, we are building a community and need a critical mass.  If you like the idea of a coworking community with other ministry leaders and want to help make it possible, signup below.

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Possible Locations

Currently we have sites in these locations:

  • City Centre
  • Blackrock
  • Bray