Praxis is a collaborative and relational network of individuals, communities and churches driven by the desire to see Gods kingdom come as we reimagine mission for ordinary people.

Praxis began as an idea which grew into a collaboration of missional leaders from churches and faith communities around Dublin. We found ourselves wrestling with the desire for our communities to engage the unique missional challenges facing the people of God in Ireland. Challenges which resemble challenges faced in other places but are still unique to our island.  We began to realise that there many on the island who want to be involved in the work of God here might benefit from a collaborative community or collaborative space to begin reimagining mission for ordinary people.

As we seek to examine the context of Ireland as a place of mission, engagement and love we want to enable everyday people to step out in faith and take risks for the kingdom. We seek to share ideas, explore the theological reflections and tell the stories of ordinary yet brave Irish Christians who are searching and finding God on the frontier of mission. We want to elevate Jesus in His people, free and at work in this complex and wonderful place.

We would love to see…

Missional Initiatives

Nurturing ideas and teams that will engage in bringing the church/kingdom to a place where it is needed.

Missional Networks

Helping to engage and support niche networks of missional initiatives and missional people who share a similar calling or field.

Missional Collaborations

Assisting in strategic partnerships and collaborative projects/relationships between existing initiatives, churches, networks and ministries.

We have four pillars that are important to us and help guide what we do and start.

Connect. Enable. Inspire. Pray.

  • Connect individuals across geography and networks

  • Enable ordinary people to discover and step out into their God given mission

  • Inspire people to follow Jesus in His mission

  • Pray for the kingdom of God to come more fully on the island