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Join the Forge Course this Year

August 4th, 2022|

2022 will mark the 4th cohort of Forge Pioneering Course in Ireland! We are delighted to have applications rolling in and hope this coming year will be full of innovation, excitement, mission and more.

If you are thinking about church differently or if you’re starting a new missional idea or simply want to be around others who are thinking this way, apply to Forge.

The course has 5 sessions with reflections and tasks assigned each time. There is personal study which includes reading, doing reflections, meeting with a mentor, and joining a huddle group. The course costs £500 / €575, it can be fundraised or personal paid (instalments is an option). 

Read more about the course here

September 30 – October 1 Residential – Introduction

Friday – Saturday in Ballyards Castle, Co. Armagh

November 12th – Missional Lifestyle

Gathering in Hubs 10am-4pm (Belfast, Dublin, & Online)

January 14th – Church in Today’s Culture

Gathering in Hubs 10am-4pm (Belfast, Dublin, & Online)

March 11th – Building a Discipleship Culture

Gathering in Hubs 10am-4pm (Belfast, Dublin, & Online)

May 5th-6th Residential – Leadership & Course Wrap Up

Friday – Saturday in The Lucan Centre, Dublin


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Welcoming the Stranger – June 20 Refugee Day

June 17th, 2022|

On June 14th, we hosted a conversation around the area of refugees and those who are new to Ireland and the church can be a welcoming, befriending, and missional voice.

Abigail Sines from Christ Church Cathedral shared some of her experiences and stories with us. We had a great discussion about the complexity of the situation, the broken system, the racism, the resources, the opportunities and more. Below are some of the links which were mentioned:

Refugee Week Dublin events

  • Hope from the Margins new book

Book #3 is out! Hope from the Margins by Laurence Graham

June 1st, 2022|

Hope From The Margins: Church History Informing Mission Today


“Is there any hope for the future of the church in the Western world as it loses its former position of influence? The Church is not where it used to be. We’re marginalised.”

That’s how many Christians feel in Ireland today and throughout the Western world. But that does not need to be bad news! During its first three centuries the Church was small, under pressure and marginalised yet it grew. Based on extensive … [Continue Reading]

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