We want to resource churches and communities to be praying in new and creative ways.

Below are just a few of these resources.

Building a Rhythm of Prayer in your Church – Lent 2022

This lent we are asking what rhythm of prayer will your church/community engage with? Want to learn more about where to start?

During the pandemic many churches and communities were praying like they never had before. As we emerge from the past two years how do we keep prayer at the centre of all that we do?

Join us for an online seminar to explore building a rhythm of prayer in the life of your church. Together we will reflect on how we can discover the practices that will serve us and the church in this new season.

Hear from others who have been praying 24-7 since the beginning of lockdown; who never imagined they would be able to sustain it and from others who discovered the gift of daily prayer in their community. Perhaps you feel stuck in the same approach to prayer and want to explore new ways to pray as a church – never tried a prayer room – sign up below to learn where to start.

24/7 Prayer Ireland April Prayer Nights

April 18 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Pray Your 5k

The past year has taken its toll on individuals, families, communities, schools, businesses – and this most recent lockdown has been extremely challenging.

The life of the church has also been massively impacted and there are many things we can’t do at the moment but over lent we want to invite you to join us in doing something we all can do-   a prayer initiative – PRAY YOUR 5K.

For many of us walking has become part of our daily routine – wouldn’t it be amazing if every street within each of our 5km restriction was prayed over as we walk. Read more here.

Response to the Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland

The recent report on Mother and Baby Homes Commission Report highlighted the horrendous treatment of vulnerable women and children throughout the 20th century and even in recent months. This was a failure on the State, the Church and society and an atrocious abuse of power. We believe that God’s heart is broken at what was often done in His name and now is not the time to remain silent in the Church but to both respond practically (please see above resource) and in prayer.
Sometimes it is hard to know how to pray. This is a liturgy of lament for the broken body of Christ, in which all members of the body of Christ can name their feelings anger, disillusionment, sadness, confusion in a faith filled context with the hope of an encounter with the transformative Spirit of God. The focus is on the actual victims and survivors of the Mother and Baby home, but at the same time be expansive enough to include others.
The resources include lament, silence, confession, intercession, reflection on repentance, and a closing commitment. At this time it isn’t possible to meet in person to do this but you might want to use this resource in your congregations and communities either online or encouraging people at home to set some time aside to pray.