We recognise that this summer feels very different to previous summers, the past few months have been a huge learning curve and time of adaptation and that people are tired – mentally and emotionally. I am reminded of the verse ‘Be still and now that I am God’ (Psalm 46: 10). We need to be still – sometimes we think this means to switch off but we are invited and urged to be still to know.

We need rest – deep and restorative rest but also rest that reminds us of who our Father is and an imagination for His kingdom and church. We felt it important for leaders to balance this time between ‘rest and imagination’ and so we have, in an attempt to support you in these next two months curated a selection of resources, articles, book suggestions, videos to help you to rest and imagine.

If you have suggestions please get in touch and we will try tell others.


Book Recommendations


Ana Mullan presents a short guide/suggested ways to help create space and discipline to hear from God during this season.