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gathering missional people

In 1 Chronicles 12, it speaks of people ‘knowing the times’. What would it look like for ordinary people all across this island to know the times we are in? What would it look like to collaborate and work alongside one another to serve our communities in today’s culture and context? What would it mean for Ireland to have God’s people from all sectors, disciplines, and streams coming together to see God’s kingdom come?


We believe it takes all of God’s people from different backgrounds, walks of life, and sectors to see His Kingdom come. We are inviting you to participate and gather with us in this next Praxis gathering as we reimagine mission together.

Who is it for?

Let’s gather creatives, pioneers, entrepreneurs, church leaders, community leaders, those working with the marginalised, young adults, women in leadership, and more to reimagine mission!

The goal is to GATHER and not just be another content heavy conference to attend but for people to be inspired, challenged, feel hopeful and practical next step for the future.


Friday, October 6th – Saturday, October 7th

Friday afternoon + Friday dinner + Saturday 10am-4pm


Trinity Church, Dublin 1 & other locations on the Friday

We know Dublin is not the ideal location for everyone so we have accommodation options available and the venue is near public transport including trains. We hope to make the gathering accessible for all who want to come.



Super Early Bird prices until Aug 31 and Early Bird prices until Sept. 15

What’s happening


Friday during the day, the various streams will meet to share, eat, and wrestle with a few missional questions together. These streams will be facilitated by 1-2 people in various locations – some might meet in a relevant place i.e. creatives in an art gallery or marginalised in an inner city location, etc. This time is meant to fuel relationships between like minded people, give time to press into missional questions, and come to the wider Saturday gathering with more ideas and thoughts fleshed out.


Friday dinner is an optional (and additional cost) gathering. It will be hosted by 1-2 people to create community, share a meal, laugh, and simply be together.


All day Saturday will be a mixture of short talks, a panel, round table discussions, networking time and more. There will be reflective time as well to help us all process, discern, and be mindful of what God is speaking to us. The day will end before dinner time.

Join a Stream

We are excited to gather like minded people into groups (aka streams) to share, explore, and wrestle with missional questions. As you register, choose a stream that you are interested in – it could be something you’re already engaged with or something you’d like to get more involved with.

Do you want to engage more deeply with your local community? Does your church community already take part in neighbourhood projects? 

Join this stream if you want to rethink what it could look like to love your neighbour. This stream is facilitated by Ann Marie Kerr from Liffey Valley Vineyard & Innovista Ireland and Gladys Nutley from Dublin West Community Church.

Are you interested in creation care, climate action, global issues and more? Are you keen to connect your faith with activism, environmental issues and do with others thinking the same? Join this stream if you want to share, learn, and reimagine mission with others around these issues. 

Michael Briggs from Christian Aid and Emma Lynch from Tearfund Ireland will be facilitating this stream. Bereket Demissie from Ethiopia will be joining via Zoom during the session. They will meet on Friday at the Tearfund Ireland Offices on Foley Street, Dublin 1.

Are you in business or enterprise? Do you want to explore what it could look like to start a new enterprise that is redemptive in nature to reflect the Kingdom? Join this stream to connect with others who desire to see God’s Kingdom come in the workplace, enterprise, business & more. 

This stream is facilitated by Ross Hill from Hill Art Supplies and Simon Kilpatrick from Praxis and Ignite along with Ralph Gatti joining via Zoom.

Do you live in a rural context and want to explore the unique challenges & opportunities that holds?  Are you involved in your local church & want to reimagine what it looks like to engage with your rural community?

Join this stream if you want to wrestle with what mission can look like across Ireland with others living in rural settings. This stream is facilitated by Lucy Bateman from Cahir, Tipperary and Suzie Gallagher from Cork. This stream will meet at the Taplins Gardens in Dublin 8 or a cafe if weather is poor.

Do you want to innovate, pioneer, & start something new when it comes to mission & the church Or have you started something new recently?

We know that going it alone can be difficult & isolating so, come alongside others who are on the edges of the church reimagining what the Kingdom of God looks like. This stream is facilitated by Gareth MacClean from Orangefield Church in Belfast and Simon Kilpatrick from Praxis and Ignite.

Do you love to write? Are you an aspiring writer? Do you want to explore how you can use your gift for God’s Kingdom?

Join this stream to learn, share and explore with others. This stream is facilitated by Fraser Hosford, Praxis Press author, economist and leader of Dublin West Community Church. 

Are you keen to engage with the cultural context around us? The reality of what is relevant, important & pressing for those we live with, work with, etc.?

Join this stream if you want to explore the big questions of life and faith and how to have good conversations with those around you. This stream is facilitated by Roy Angle from 24/7 Prayer Dublin and Karl Nyquist from Ignite. It will meet in Fumbally Stables in Dublin 8 on Friday. 

This stream is an invitation to reimagining mission through creativity. It is for artists, non artists, dabblers, thinkers, or anyone who would like to play. Join this group to share, create, muse, and more with other creatives.

This stream will be facilitated by Pam and Penny and will meet Friday at The National Gallery (D02 K303) then reflect, discuss and explore together. n

This stream will look at fear, privilege, attitudes, and God’s grace in the context of mission across many spheres where His is already at work.

We will meet at The Exchange, Trinity Church for 2pm then head on to encounter the “wisdom that cries out on the street” by walking, listening, observing and visiting areas of Dublin’s inner city/city centre and asking how our understanding of the ‘centre’ and the ‘margins’ in mission applies in our own local settings. This stream will be facilitated by Chipo Harper, Dave Gardner, and Richard Carson.

Are you in a caring profession or want to explore how mental health, pastoral care, and chaplaincy can be missional? Join this stream to reimagine what it could mean to be caring, pastoral, and seek the wellbeing of everyone around for the glory of God’s kingdom.

We will meet at 3pm on Friday for a time of learning together with space to reflect on topics & opportunities for mission. This stream will be facilitated by Becky Heaslip (university chaplain & psychotherapist) and Andrew Irvine (minister & leader of Belfast City Centre Chaplaincy). They will meet at The Sanctuary in Dublin 7 on Friday.

Are you keen to see biblical equality in the Irish Church?  Do you want to see Women and men who are supported, connected and empowered to use their gifts for God’s glory?

Join this stream to rub shoulders with others who want to explore this side of mission & church. This stream will be facilitated by Ruth Garvey-Williams (Vox Magazine) and Anne Baenziger (Praxis).

Finding it hard to pick a stream? We can pick one for you.

Register to Choose Your Stream


We look forward to having a variety of speakers, facilitators, panelists and hearing most importantly from you and other attendees as we explore mission together.


Some of the people facilitating, sharing and speaking over the weekend.

Anne Baezinger | Women in LeadershipSimon Kilpatrick | PioneeringEoghan Heaslip | Meal HostRalph Gatti | Missional EnterpriseFraser Hosford | WritersGladys Nutley | New to MissionRuth Garvey-Williams | Women in LeadershipDave Gardner | MarginalisedRoy Angle | Cultural ContextSuzie Gallagher | Rural MissionLucy Bateman | Rural MissionRoss Hill | Missional EnterpriseDonna Jennings | SpeakerGareth McClean | PioneeringPam Rooney | CreativesAndrew Irvine | Pastoral Care / Mental HealthEmma Lynch | Creation CareMichael Briggs | Creation CareAnn Marie Kerr | Community / NeighbourhoodAna Mullan | Spiritual DirectorSean Mullan | SpeakerKarl Nyquist | Cultural ContextChipo Harper | MarginalisedPenny Dewar | CreativesRichard Carson | MarginalisedMarian Edwards | Meal HostBecky Heaslip | Pastoral Care / Mental HealthTim Silk | Speaker

Anne Baezinger | Women in Leadership

Anne leads a Dublin based missional community called, Breathe, and serves on the Praxis team. She wants to empower women to feel confident in their leadership skills and help the church see the importance of female contribution!

Simon Kilpatrick | Pioneering

Simon is a native of Dublin, has worked in Urban Junction/Ignite since 2001. Simon serves as a chaplain in a local school, and in the Home Mission Department of the Methodist Church. Simon has a heart for creative expressions of church and mission and enjoys working collaboratively on lots of projects to see God’s kingdom grow.

Eoghan Heaslip | Meal Host

Ralph Gatti | Missional Enterprise

Fraser Hosford | Writers

Fraser Hosford has been Pastor of Dublin West Community Church since 2010. Born in Dublin, Fraser was born and bred a ‘southsider’ but crossed the river over a decade ago. He is married to Ruth and has three kids.
Prior to working for the church, he was an economist and still works in that area part-time. He longs to see people experience God’s love for themselves so that it becomes a transforming power in their lives.

Gladys Nutley | New to Mission

Ruth Garvey-Williams | Women in Leadership

Ruth is an author, speaker, researcher & editor. She also leads a local church in Buncrana, Co. Donegal. She loves to bring help & hope to marginalised & disadvantaged people.

Dave Gardner | Marginalised

Dave finds himself involved with lots of different ministries but his main role is working with North Dublin Methodist Churches. He was part of the team that started Street Pastors in Dublin. Dave has been involved in mission for years here in Ireland and around the world.

Roy Angle | Cultural Context

Roy and his family are originally from the States but have lived in Dublin for the past 20 years and
became Irish citizens in 2012. He and his wife are part of the 24/7 Dublin church where he is part of the leadership team. His passion is to contribute to the church planting efforts of the wider Irish church in ways that hold out the gospel as good news in a context where Christianity can be viewed as bad news. He currently facilitates monthly events that host conversations about important life issues with non-Christians in order to provide a space of mutual understanding and engagement.

Suzie Gallagher | Rural Mission

Suzie is a Methodist minister in West Cork (having just moved from Carlow / Kilkenny). She has a passion for loving God, loving life, and loving people!

Lucy Bateman | Rural Mission

Lucy lives in Cahir, Tipperary on a dairy farm with her husband and 4 kids. She is involved with youth work, Prayer Spaces in Schools and other missional projects.

Ross Hill | Missional Enterprise

Ross runs an art supply business and co-leads a church community in Dublin with Lucy, his wife. He is passionate about creating spaces centred on prayer, mission and justice. They are in the process of setting up a flower & bakery enterprise to help the local community flourish.

Donna Jennings | Speaker

Donna is a trained teacher, church planter, & development worker with a MTh in Missiology - about to start a PhD. She lives in Belfast with her husband and kids.

Gareth McClean | Pioneering

Gareth believes God is inviting us to be part of his family and to partner with him in releasing his Kingdom. When he is not running, reading or drinking good coffee he has the privilege of leading an amazing gathering of people in Orangefield Presbyterian Church in Belfast.

Pam Rooney | Creatives

Pam is a Lead Consultant, Executive Coach, and Senior Leadership Facilitator where she helps individuals make confident career decisions, take action and create successful futures. She loves taking out her canvas and paints and seeing where it takes her.

Andrew Irvine | Pastoral Care / Mental Health

Andrew Irvine is East Belfast Mission’s CEO with experience in building public services, served as Belfast City Centre Manager & as a part-time ordained Methodist Minister, he is Lead Chaplain of Belfast City Centre Chaplaincy. Andrew is passionate about providing services which build inclusive community and help people to live full, enjoyable, and connected lives. Much of this passion is driven by Andrew’s faith in Jesus which is non-judgemental, welcoming, practically loving, always seeks to heal and help and builds community.

Emma Lynch | Creation Care

Emma Lynch is the Church Engagement and Education Manager at Tearfund Ireland. Having spent a number of years volunteering overseas in Nepal, Emma has been involved in the development sector in Ireland since 2007. Apart from conflict, changing climate is the biggest challenge for many of Tearfund Ireland’s partners, but how to engage the Irish church on these issues? To progress the conversation Tearfund Ireland has collaborated with Vox and Praxis to conduct research with Irish Christians and Emma develops GCE materials to help the church in Ireland explore climate justice and faith.

Michael Briggs | Creation Care

Michael is the Development Education and Campaigns Officer at Christian Aid and helps lead Ignite/Urban Junction in Dublin.

Ann Marie Kerr | Community / Neighbourhood

Ann Marie loves to see people living life to the full, encouraging them to use their gifts and talents and equipping them to step out. She leads a Vineyard church with her husband Seamus in Clondalkin, Dublin. She has been a trainer and coach with Innovista Ireland since 2019. She enjoys being outside, chatting & playing games into the wee hours with her adult children and sitting round a dinner table with friends.

Ana Mullan | Spiritual Director

Ana was born in Argentina and she became a Jesus’ follower at the age of 18. Ana has been living in Ireland for 39 years, the last 23 in Dublin and previously in Cork and Tipperary. She is married to Seán and they have three adult children and 3 granddaughters. She gives one on one spiritual direction and is also an artist exploring the relationship between art and christian spirituality.

Sean Mullan | Speaker

Sean worked as a navigation officer in the merchant navy and as a church planter and pastor in Cork and Dublin. He continues to work with church planters and others on mission in the city. He was active in establishing Evangelical Alliance Ireland, he is also on the boards of a number of community projects and faith-based initiatives.
Sean is founder and director of – Third Space – third spaces are neighbourhood places where people can gather regularly, easily, informally and inexpensively. It is a social business venture to open and run eating and meeting places in the areas of Dublin that lack community hubs. Married to Anam they have 3 adult children & 3 granddaughters.

Karl Nyquist | Cultural Context

Karl has lived and worked in East Africa and the UK and, for the last 20 years, in Dublin. He is married with three grown children and his particular interest is in those in the Irish population who have little or no meaningful access to the gospel. Making relationship with Christ accessible so Irish people can know Him and become reproducing disciples for the Kingdom are his focus. His life’s verse is Isaiah 43.4: Since you are precious in my sight, since you are honoured and I love you, I will give other men in your place and other peoples in exchange for your life.

Chipo Harper | Marginalised

Chipo is the Migrant Plus Support worker for ACET Ireland. She has a Masters in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has experience of delivering mobile HIV testing and working with families and those living with HIV in Zimbabwe. Chipo lives with her family in Ballinteer and is a mentor at her local GAA club.

Penny Dewar | Creatives

Penny is a lifelong self taught artist who loves ceramics and sculpture. She is a member of Sandford Church of Ireland. Penny describes herself as "Totally scatty – never really got it together, ever."

Richard Carson | Marginalised

Richard has been the CEO of ACET since 2012. Since he was 21, he has volunteered & been involved with Education and Training projects. He has qualifications in Pharmacology, Education, Management of Community and Voluntary Organisations, Health Promotion, Ecumenics and Theology, Ministry & Mission. These include a prize-winning Master’s dissertation for Trinity College Dublin on HIV Prevention. His work also includes Migrant-Led Churches, the LGBT community and more. He lives in Dublin with his wife and 3 young boys.

Marian Edwards | Meal Host

Becky Heaslip | Pastoral Care / Mental Health

Becky is an Integrative psychotherapist and serves as a university chaplain in Dublin. Originally from Canada, she holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, trained in adolescent & couples therapy. Her passion is to see young adults and families fully flourishing.

Tim Silk | Speaker

Tim is an executive coach who helps leaders navigate transition wisely. He spent 25 years in the Church of England learning to listen to the people who were speaking to him. He loves to see leaders understand what they bring to the table and how they might develop themselves for the long haul.






2-6pmStreams Meet TogetherVarious locations (sent to participants via email)
7-9pmFriday Night DinnerSt. Catherine’s Church


At Trinity Church





9amRegistration / tea & coffeeEntrance
10amWorshipMain Hall
10.30amSession One – Tim SilkMain Hall
11.10amCoffee BreakCafe Area (Downstairs)
11.40amSession Two – Donna JenningsMain Hall
12.40pmLunch / NetworkingCafe Area (Downstairs)
1.40pmPanel Discussion – Keith, Ruth, Cherise, SahrMain Hall
3.15pmSession Three – Sean MullanMain Hall
4pmWorship & Wrap UpMain Hall

Stream Locations

Please head straight to your stream location. If you haven’t been allocated a stream yet, please email

Friday Stream Locations




Community / NeighbourhoodTrinity Church

Creation Care / Global

Tearfund Ireland Office
Cultural ContextThe Fumbally Stables
Creatives / ArtistsThe National Gallery
Missional EnterpriseTrinity Church
MarginalisedTrinity Church
Rural MissionTaplin Fields Community Garden
Pastoral Care / Mental HealthThe Sanctuary
PioneeringTrinity Church
Women in LeadershipTrinity Church
WritersTrinity Church

Saturday Stream Locations



All Streams 10amTrinity Church


Praxis is a network of individuals and churches with a heart for mission and a hope and commitment to see Gods kingdom come. Our desire is to reimagine mission for ordinary people. Our gathering once a year is a crucial time to be together and to be inspired by the God of mission. The Conference is one way we desire to reimagine mission as well as Prayer Gatherings, Learning Communities, the SEOL Course, a podcast and a press.

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Praxis Gathering 2023 Planning Team

Claire Douglas– Praxis  | Anne Baenziger – Praxis  | Simon Kilpatrick – Praxis, Ignite Network and Methodist Home Mission Department |  Sam Moore – Innovista Ireland | Gladys Nutley – Dublin West Community Church | Roy Angle – 24/7 Prayer Dublin | Marian Edwards – Church Army in Ballina, Mayo