The past year has taken its toll on individuals, families, communities, schools, businesses – and this most recent lockdown has been extremely challenging.

The life of the church has also been massively impacted and there are many things we can’t do at the moment but over lent we want to invite you to join us in doing something we all can do-   a prayer initiative – PRAY YOUR 5K.

For many of us walking has become part of our daily routine – wouldn’t it be amazing if every street within each of our 5km restriction was prayed over as we walk.

It’s a pretty simple idea –

1. Map out your 5km area.
2. Plan to walk a different route each day or however often you walk each week.
3. One option is to designate a day each week that as a church you will walk.
4. Invite a friend to join you or someone from another local church community .
5. Pray as you walk – pray over the families, businesses, organisations, schools, charities, medical practices etc. in your community. Check out the Praxis website for a simple guide on prayer walking if you aren’t sure how to start.

We’d love to hear from you and names of all the streets across the country that have been prayer walked. Or post it on social media with #prayyour5k

We’ll be gathering on zoom at the end of Lent on Wednesday 31st March to pray together for our communities. More info to follow.

pray your 5k
Tell us where you’re walking
PDF Guide for Prayer Walking
2km From Home website to find your 5k