Online Retreat – Come to the Table

Online Retreat – Come to the Table

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We want to offer a spiritual retreat time to those who might be feeling weary, worn down and wanting a bit of space.

We have asked 3 Spiritual Directors/Retreat Facilitators to guide you through this time over Zoom; there will be a mixture of self reflection, music, Bible reading, small group sharing & more.

This online retreat is facilitated by Pauline Wilson who has worked alongside her husband, Alan, in pastoral ministry for 21 years (17 in Switzerland and 4 in N.Ireland) before training as a biblical counsellor. She now divides her time between providing counselling and facilitating retreats. She loves the privilege of seeing God at work. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and spending time with her grandchildren.

Retreat Details:

Easter can just sneak up on us and before we know it, it’s Easter Sunday and we are swept along into all the celebrations of the resurrection.

Why not take a half-day to prepare yourself for Easter, by joining us on our ‘Come to the table’ retreat?

We will be thinking about three tables:

  • king David’s table, with the extravagant invitation to eat at the king’s table ‘as one of the king’s sons’ (II Samuel 9).
  • the bird table, with the beautiful invitation to ‘Consider the birds of the air’ (Luke 12).
  • the Lord’s table, with the gracious invitation to ‘Do this, in remembrance of Me’ (I Corinthians 11).

All three invitations are reminders of the grace which we are being offered, as children of the King.

Come and join us as take this journey together!

My main takeaway from the retreat was the progression towards the Lord. I loved that we started with how privileged we are to be able to sit at the king’s table; then how the bird table teaches us that, just as God provides for the birds, so too we can trust in his provision and his permission to be at the table; and then ending with communion at the Lord’s table was a lovely end to a reflective day. –previous participant

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