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Fraser was born and bred a ‘southsider’ but crossed the river over a decade ago. He now works as a pastor in a community church based in the northwest of Dublin. He is married to Ruth and has three children.

Waiting Under Lockdown – Romans 8

How do we wait? -- 3 Postures for our day Waiting is no one's favourite stance in the Western world, but it's where we find ourselves now, waiting for lockdown to end. So how do we wait? Turn groans into lament We all groan, it's natural, we groan grumble and sigh. Even creation groans, and we, as humans, are not separate from that. It's part of our salvation because we are saved in hope. At times "we don't know how we ought to pray", but the Spirit helps us and does so with groans. This legitimises our groans and shows us ... [Continue Reading]

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‘How can a Father give up His Son?’ — A Good Friday Poem

There he was, at his last meal with His friends, giving thanks to me. Always grateful, always attentive, the perfect Son. But the pain was on its way. He asked me to stop it, the very thought of it overwhelmed Him. Yet I couldn’t, I couldn’t answer His request, couldn’t give my boy what He wanted. I held back. Was that my will? It certainly wasn’t my desire. Not to see Him of all people in pain. And yet He accepted that, always thinking of me. When they came for Him they brought swords and other weapons. For my Jesus! ... [Continue Reading]

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‘Reading Scripture with Fresh Eyes in 2021’

“Hi, my name is Mike and I’d like to cancel my subscription to 2021. I have been using it for the last seven days, but it is really not to my liking, and it doesn’t match the advertising. So refund please.” So goes a tweet by scholar Mike Bird as we start 2021. It’s not been a great start to the year, the goodbye to 2020 was not quite what we hoped for as we enter into lockdown number three. So we need to ask ourselves the question, again, how are we going to get through this. I didn’t realise ... [Continue Reading]

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