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Anne has been living in Dublin since 2013 working with Innovista Ireland and Breathe/YMCA. She is passionate about building community, connecting people and helping to create change. She’s a cyclist, a book club goer, enjoys cinema and loves anything that makes Dublin better!

Mission Disco – June Episode

Simon and Ross speak with Amy Carey (Solas Project) and Johan Van Der Flier (Christ In Youth) about youth work, young people and the challenges they have been facing during the pandemic.

Mission Disco – June Episode2021-08-09T12:15:11+01:00

Mission Disco – April Edition – Pandemic Impact

Simon and Ross speak with Vivienne Morrow-Murtagh about the impact the pandemic has had. Vivienne is a trauma psychotherapist and counselor who works with vulnerable groups. Listen in as Vivienne shares some great insights into what has been happening, how to navigate the coming months, and focusing on the 3 feet in front of you.    

Mission Disco – April Edition – Pandemic Impact2021-05-17T15:50:42+01:00

Missional Conversations

We recently kicked off a new idea, short informal conversations with people across Ireland re-imagining mission! Two of the Praxis Team will be co-hosting the 30 minute Tuesday morning chats with a different person each time. We would love to encourage ordinary people that they are and can be missional where they are... as a mom, a teacher, a nurse, etc. So put on teh kettle and join us as we hear stories from God's Kingdom coming. We hope to do them fortnightly so keep an eye out for them on Facebook live. Watch them here.

Missional Conversations2021-03-18T18:32:10+00:00

March Mission Disco Episode

Simon Kilpatrick & Ross Hill speak with Ann Marie Kerr and Alain Emerson about learning from the current season and the future of the church. Ann Marie is a Dublin church planter with Vineyard Churches and is based in Clondalkin. Alain helps lead Emmanuel Church in Lurgan. Both bring a variety of experience and insights including online platforms, stories of how they've seen God at work during the pandemic, hope for what's to come, & more.  

March Mission Disco Episode2021-03-18T18:24:10+00:00

New Mission Disco Episode

The first 2021 Mission Disco Podcast episode is out! Have listen to Simon Kilpatrick, Ruth Garvey-Williams and Fraser Hosford as they chat about the latest release by Praxis Press, Gloriously Ordinary. It is written by Ruth and explores embracing incarnational mission in contemporary Ireland. Praxis Press is driven by the importance of the Irish voice and stories from those on the front line of mission in Ireland. Hear a bit about Ruth's take on writing the book, Fraser's favourite bits and a reminder of the importance of the ordinary.

New Mission Disco Episode2021-01-08T11:01:32+00:00

Mission and the Marketplace – Oct & Nov Mission Disco Episodes

Mission and the Marketplace Simon and Brian talk with Ross Hill about the church and business, and what he has learned navigating both worlds. Ross talks about how implementing the concepts of entrepreneurship can be used as a tool to drive mission. Part 1 of our two part series on mission and the marketplace. Simon and Brian talk with Clifford Sullivan, with Transform Our World, about the hope and possibility of seeing the church planted and thriving everywhere. Listen to it here:

Mission and the Marketplace – Oct & Nov Mission Disco Episodes2020-11-13T16:38:02+00:00

Praxis Gathering 2020

In John 17, Jesus prays that we (his people) would be one. What would it look like for ordinary people all across this island to be one as we follow Jesus into His mission? What would it look like to collaborate and work alongside one another to serve our communities? What would a gathering of ordinary people in towns and cities across the island with the hope and desire to see Gods kingdom come look like in a time like this? We believe that, now more than ever, it is significant that what we do – we do together. We ... [Continue Reading]

Praxis Gathering 20202020-10-24T16:45:11+01:00


A MULTISITE COWORKING COMMUNITY Thinking about office space, working from home and wondering what to do? We have a startup idea to help missional people and ministry leaders have access to collaborative office spaces around Dublin. We have the partners, now we need the users. Discover flexible work spaces around the city and make connections with other missional leaders! Currently we are looking to have sites in these locations: Clontarf City Centre Blanchardstown Blackrock Bray If you're interested, let us know so we can keep you posted by heading over to the Co-Mission page here.

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